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ature Photography plays an important role in the health of the human spirit. On the walls of our urban habitats, photographs and paintings become passages to the natural world. These images conjure up dreams of a journey to a pristine mountain stream, a walk beneath the mystical giants of an ancient forest, and a brief glimpse of a wild creature close enough to touch.

Nancy J. Smith, a native Oregonian, grew up camping, hiking, and fishing with her family. This exposure to nature instilled in her the awareness of and appreciation for such beauty. Smith’s attention to detail and creativity in composition bring to life images of nature and wildlife on film. Her passion for sharing this appreciation of nature inspires her to create stunning products such as The Majestic Pacific Northwest 2019 calendar, now in its 27th year! The series is a 7-time winner in the Best Scenic Photography, Retail, Wall Calendar category in the Calendar Marketing Association in Illinois.

Smith’s award-winning photography has graced the walls of homes and offices throughout the country. Her vivid, full-color images are shot under natural light, on film, with no enhancement or additional manipulation of the scene. She feels nature is supremely beautiful in its purest state.

Concern for the preservation of the environment inspires her to donate a portion of the proceeds from her products to organizations involved in preserving ecosystems, environmental education, and wildlife rehabilitation. Nancy J. Smith urges you to do the same.

Remember to Relax, Enjoy, and Appreciate the Beauty of Nature™...Nancy J. Smith

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Nature photographer Nancy J. Smith
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